"Let Me Be Your Lash Realtor"

At Desire2928lashes we offer luxury eyelashes, lip glosses and eye accessories at an affordable price. Weather you're at the office , working from home, or dipping out for drinks at happy hour. when you purchase your lash suites, don't forget to stop by Alvar st, and Press Ct, to get your waterproof products.

"Lashes are a Lifestyle"

  • Lash Tips

    Trim your lashes to fit your eye shape, then use your lash glue, or use Alvar St. Lash liner glue pen, and line the top of your lash line and apply( if using the glue pen only) if using glue, then apply glue to your lash band. Once the glue get tacky then use your applicator to apply.

  • Eyebrow Pomade Tip

    Use the cone-shaped brush for precise application. To adhere to your brow hairs. The more you apply the darker it will become. Our Press Ct. Brow Pomade is designed to help achieve fuller-looking more defined brows, Long lasting smude and waterproof.